Meet Rachel

  • 1990s: Met my husband at BYU and started our family

  • 2009: After a short time away for my husband’s doctorate, we returned to Provo so that he could take a faculty position in the biology department at BYU

  • 2009: Purchased our historic home in the Maeser neighborhood, excited to walk and bike everywhere

  • 2000-2017: I stayed home with our kids, became a certified yoga instructor, learned all manner of housewifery skills (cooking, baking, gardening, composting, canning, pickling and fermenting, sewing, knitting, crochet, weaving, furniture refinishing and reupholstering, basic plumbing and electrical work, mudding and drywall, floor refinishing, and house painting)

  • 2013-2016: Elected Maeser neighborhood vice-chair, and then acting chair

  • 2012-2016: Began to invest my time in environmental stewardship city's bicycle committee (now BikeWalk Provo), on Mayor Curtis's Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee, and with LDS Earth Stewardship

  • 2016: Joined Board of Trustees for the Utah Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

  • 2017: Took the LSAT and was admitted to BYU Law

  • 2018: spent 6 weeks doing an externship in Brussels with a retired Utah judge and Utah Supreme Court justice, doing research on religious freedom at the EU parliament. I also spent a semester in Washington, D.C. as a law clerk at the Law and Policy section of Environmental and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice.

  • 2019: Started at Seiler, Anderson, Fife & Marshall, a well-established law firm in Provo, a 3-mile bike ride from my home

  • 2020: appointed to Provo Metropolitan Water Board

  • 2017: I began volunteering every week at a pro bono legal clinic in downtown Provo

My law experience in particular has honed me to think critically about some of the most crucial issues currently facing Provo.

My practice deals with a lot of municipal law (which includes questions around zoning laws), state law, and family law. I also practice real property law, some contractual and business disputes, especially landlord/tenant, and personal injury cases. I especially like finding the answers to questions, digging through the weeds of statutes and regulations, and confirming the interpretation of those statutes with case law.

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