My supporters include people from all across the political spectrum.

That's because what matters in a local, non-partisan race is that an elected official cares first and foremost about the well-being of the people in the city and about the day-to-day work of getting things done.

It's not about blind allegiance to a political party: it's about collaboration and accountability.

The people who know me know I am principled and pragmatic.

With my deep conservative roots and personal ideological orientation that makes me uncomfortable both of the major political parties, I am able to engage on all sides of an issue with respect, thoughtfulness, and compassion. I believe this is the only viable way to protect our democracy.

Join me.

Tanei Henry, Maeser

Rachel has always been a voice for good in the Maeser Neighborhood. We worked closely on a beautification project on 300 South. She showed great leadership then and I am sure she has only improved as she has added more depth to her experience. Rachel is proactive and willing to consider all opinions. She has my vote to represent District 5 on the city council.

Melanie McCoard

"I have paid close attention to Provo politics for almost 25 years. I have seen a dozen Councils come and go. Good Council members are an enormous blessing to the entire community; bad ones do irreparable damage. When someone of Rachel's caliber steps forward, I rejoice! She's smart and dedicated and full of integrity and immensely qualified. She has my unqualified endorsement. I heartily encourage all District 5 residents to vote for Rachel."

Susan Krueger-Barber, Joaquin

Rachel Mabey Whipple is the candidate that I want representing District 5. She has put in the work necessary to really know the needs of the downtown neighborhoods and also Provo City at large. She is compassionate, thoughtful, experienced, an innovative thinker, and always shows up to help and volunteer. I am 100 percent behind Rachel and look forward to her being the voice for our community.

Craig Christensen, Conserve Utah Valley

I first met Rachel as we were organizing the non-profit organization, Conserve Utah Valley (www.conserveutahvalley.org) in the wake of the Bridal Veil Falls debacle. As the Executive Director it was my responsibility to make sure that our Advisory Board had the talent needed to be successful.

Rachel has been a tremendous asset. She is an active Board member and contributor to many critical projects. Her insights are based on significant community service and a genuine willingness to listen. On issues regarding the preservation of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, she has been helpful in creating strategies to preserve access for Provo citizens.

Her background is strong, her intellect is sharp and her willingness to serve others has been apparent for years. I whole heartedly her candidacy for Provo City Council.

-Craig Christensen

Celeste Kennard, Joaquin Neighborhood

Rachel Whipple will make a great City Councilperson, because she already understands so much of what it takes to run a city. Rachel is no stranger to the Provo Planning Commission and the City Council Meetings. She has a strong clear voice and she quickly understands the main points of an issue, and she can ingest large amounts of information. She is skilled at advocating for neighbors and I have worked with her several times on issues that affect the Provo City Downtown Neighborhoods. We have each been involved in our neighborhoods on city infrastructure, zoning, and quality of life issues. I smiled when I saw the picture on her campaign webpage taking a break after "Painting her Heart Out" and she was standing there with my fellow elementary school PTA Presidents. I know she has also served on the Provo Water Board and she is familiar with many of the housing and education issues in this city. I always love it when I run into her visiting the businesses downtown, at the Provo Rec Center, the Provo Library, walking through the historic house off of Center Street and when we work on projects in Provo's canyons. And she travels all across Provo on her bike with her family and as she commutes to work. I was so happy when I found out she was running for City Council.

Joaquin Neighborhood.

Cilla Harrison, Maeser

Among the many qualities that I love about Rachel is her passion for community. She has already been serving in Provo for years and her experience along with her seemingly unbounded energy will continue to be a gift to our neighborhood. Rachel has my enthusiastic support in her run for Provo City Council.

Jon Bryner, Maeser

I make a point to vote every year, but this year I am genuinely thrilled to vote for Rachel Whipple on our City Council. I have known her for over a decade, and am confident she is the best person to help us to make Provo an amazing city for everyone.

Rachel is a kind, smart and creative thinker and do-er, and someone who I trust will make the best decisions possible for our community. I am genuinely excited to cast my vote for her and endorse her for city council!

-Jon Bryner, Owner of Beehive Catering

Ben Markham

"There are a lot of things about Rachel that impress me--she opened up on one recently. But the characteristic I most admire is how she thinks and reasons. Her comments are substantive and thoughtful. Rachel will be a great council member."

Don Jarvis

Rachel has been actively volunteering to make Provo better for years. She did the first school outreach for the Sustainability Committee, headed her local Neighborhood Committee, helped BikeWalk Provo, and is on Provo's Water Board. She is bright, committed, and great to work with.

Austin Taylor, Dixon

I have volunteered with Rachel over several years through BikeWalk Provo and Provo Residents Sustainability Committee projects. She is shows up and gets the job done. We Provo residents will benefit from her vision for Provo and her internal drive to get things done.

Rachel Abbott, Edgemont

I’m particularly impressed with the immense care and investment Rachel has put into her hope and vision for Provo residents at large. I see her out there talking with and caring about the people of Provo. She gives of her personal time so freely to help individuals in the community. I see her sincerity and integrity, and I trust her to stand for Provo residents’ best interests.

Dovie Peterson

My children raised in Provo, have grown wings and left to pursue education and careers. I'd love to have them consider Provo as an inviting place to put down roots for their next chapters. Rachel has the vision and the skill set for the now and to help guide Provo into that welcoming and vibrant future.

Lynne A. Wilkins, Dixon

Rachel is an outstanding advocate not only for District 5 residents but for the City of Provo. Her commitment to our community through her extensive involvement in local civic and charitable organizations, as well as community service activities demonstrate her willingness to work to make our city a better place to live. She will listen to all viewpoints and render carefully reasoned decisions not based on political whims but on what is best for this community.

Deanna Johnson, Maeser

We've known Rachel since we moved into the Maeser neighborhood 7 years ago. Rachel is well-read, thoughtful, diplomatic, and handles high pressure and potentially divisive situations with poise and compassion for all sides involved. She's measured, deliberate and best of all, a great neighbor! When I think of what a city leader should be, I imagine them being a neighbor first. Rachel IS the kind of neighbor that can and will make important decisions with the whole community in mind. She leads with intelligence and compassion--what else could be more important!?

Ben Abbott, Edgemont

I have been so impressed by Rachel’s integrity and practicality. She doesn’t just believe the right things, she works tirelessly to get them done.

Rachel Whipple walks the talk. She is an incredible listener who is always looking for ways to positively contribute to our community. She has a practical approach that comes her commitment to building a vibrant and welcoming Provo.

I don’t care much about speeches. That’s why I support Rachel Whipple. She is more concerned about understanding the problem and fixing it than pushing some ideological agenda or scoring time in the spotlight.

Anne Gregerson, Maeser

I have known Rachel Whipple since she and her family moved into the neighborhood a block down the street from us twelve years ago. I know her to be a person of integrity. Of her many fine qualities, one that I think will make her an excellent council member is her fair-mindedness. She listens carefully and respectfully to understand another’s point of view. She is willing to consider new information and different perspectives. She takes time to study issues in depth from all sides. I think this would make her a great representative of her constituents as well as a someone who could work with others on the council to solve problems and accomplish important goals for Provo.

-Anne Gregerson

Charlotte Tanner, Joaquin

I’m voting for Rachel because I appreciate the way she approaches complex issues to make Provo a safe and inclusive place to live! We chose to buy a home downtown because we wanted to live somewhere vibrant and walkable. Rachel’s passion for making streets safe for all modes of transportation and making smart decisions as our population grows and changes makes voting for her an easy choice.

Stephanie West

Rachel is deeply committed to Provo. She has the knowledge to cut to the heart of important issues and the compassion to unite divisive groups.

Mary Wade, Dixon

"Rachel has long been a measured listener and a knowledgeable contributor to our community. Her experience as an attorney, nonprofit volunteer, and neighborhood chair will make her an ideal city councilperson."

Jen Bruton, Maeser

I believe Provo to be an inclusive, forward-thinking city, which is why I will be voting for Rachel Whipple for City Council District 5 this fall. Rachel stands for all families, no matter what they look like, social justice, and taking Provo forward into the future with innovative, sustainable policies to maintain this beautiful city for generations.

Camilla Stark, Joaquin

I have always known Rachel to be honest, level-headed, and thoughtful about the needs of those around her. She lives by her values, even when it makes life harder—I know this because she bikes uphill to Costco to reduce her carbon emissions from driving. I believe Rachel will be an excellent member of the city council, dedicated to creating a Provo where all its residents can thrive.

Jaisa Bishop, Maeser

“Rachel’s love of community, compassion for humanity, and passion for nature are a beautiful inspiration. She leads with impeccable authenticity and heart."


Even before the campaign began,

I was overwhelmed with the support and encouragement of my neighbors and friends,

both in and out of Provo. These supporters include:

Ben and Rachel Abbott (Edgemont neighborhood)

Carolina Allen (formerly Maeser)

Danica Baird (law school classmate practicing in SLC)

Jaisa Bishop (Maeser neighborhood)

Jen and Derek Bruton (Maeser neighborhood)

Jon Bryner (Maeser neighborhood)

Kellie Daniels (Tree Streets)

Brittannie Jackson Darrington

Kristina and Morgan Davis (Provost)

Andi Pitcher Davis (Provo)

Rebecca de Schweinitz (Foothills neighborhood)

Christine and Paul Frandsen (Maeser neighborhood)

Ryan Frandsen (Provo)

Megan Geilman (Franklin neighborhood)

Bayley and Clark Goldsberry (Maeser neighborhood)

Anne Gregerson (Maeser neighborhood)

B.J. and Cilla Harrison (Maeser neighborhood)

Anna and Ian Hawkes (Maeser neighborhood)

Amy and Joe Haws (Maeser neighborhood)

Sariah Hillam (Maeser neighborhood)

Cathy Jackson (Maeser neighborhood)

Don and Janelle Jarvis (Provo)

Sharon Harris and Edje Jeter (Maeser neighborhood)

Deanna Johnson (Maeser neighborhood)

Angie Judd (Provo)

Brad Kramer (Writ and Vision, downtown Provo)

Steven Peck (Pleasant Grove)

Jamie Littlefield (formerly Maeser, now Timp)

Kristin Matthews (Maeser neighborhood)

Keera McClellan (Maeser neighborhood)

Scott Mosley (Carterville neighborhood)

Kaye and Riley Nelson (Provo)

Chip Oscarson (Tree Streets)

Bethany Patrick (Maeser neighborhood)

Jerilyn Pool (Lakeview neighborhood)

Sharon Rowan

Lisa Schetselaar (West Provo)

Karen and Joseph Spencer (Maeser neighborhood)

Camilla Stark (Joaquin neighborhood)

Nadine and Scott Sundblom (Maeser neighborhood)

Jared Tamez (Vineyard)

Krystal Vomocil (Maeser neighborhood)

Mary and Samuel Case Wade (Dixon neighborhood)

Lacee Whimpey (Provo)

Aimee and Trevor Williams (Franklin neighborhood)

Most of these supporters are from the Maeser neighborhood. They know me. I've also developed good relationships with people throughout city and county in the course of public service. I am excited to meet more neighbors on the west side of my district as I work to address the challenges facing our growing city.

Contact Rachel at rdmwhipple@gmail.com