I care about quality of life for Provo residents in all stages of life:

how we can move through the city safely, enjoy community,

and be productive.

  • Develop infrastructure that makes our city safe and accessible for everyone: including sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes so we can all move through the city, whether we have the option of driving a car or not.

  • Adapt and update zoning laws: protect historic landmark structures while allowing for new development; preserve our pioneer neighborhoods while encouraging higher density developments, especially near our strong public transportation routes.

  • Promote liberty and justice for all: foster both freedom and accountability to find the balance between asserting our personal and property rights and infringing on the rights of others.

  • Diversity of age and experience is a huge asset to our city; our policies should make room for students in every phase of life (single, married, nontraditional), retirees, people who work in retail, single parent families, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, trade professionals like electricians and plumbers, teacher and professors, programmers, authors, artists, and musicians; we should continue to host and promote events like Provo Farmers Market, the Freedom Festival, Festival Latinoamericano, the Utah Pacifika Festival, and Provo Pride.

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