I am running for the Provo City Council because I love Provo and believe that I can make Provo a better place to live, work, study, and recreate.

Our city faces important decisions that seriously impact our quality of life. Just as was required of the first residents in the historic pioneer neighborhood I call home, we need to keep our eye on the future and on our potential.

Rachel Whipple is a lawyer, mother, and former neighborhood chair.

I will take the time to listen and learn. I will treat others with civility and take time to come to understand those with views different from mine. I will collaborate with colleagues not only in city government, but also with concerned citizens and with the business owners, all of which make Provo a vibrant place with so much more potential. I will work pragmatically to make our city better.

It is my commitment that I will do what I can to make Provo better. Provo is not just a great city, it is our home. It is worth the effort.

Contact Rachel at rdmwhipple@gmail.com